Girls Lacrosse

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Knox Youth Sports Girl’s Lacrosse is an elementary school program for girls that do not have lacrosse at their schools for their age groups. It appeals to girls from all sports backgrounds and their families. It’s fun to watch and even more fun to play. Current participants have played and continue to play basketball, soccer, volleyball, swimming, track, dance, tumbling, cross country, and a host of other sports. We are very blessed that the girls really seem to enjoy playing with each other, treat each other very well, and that there are so many enthusiastic families. Girls tend to get comfortable with each other quickly in our program.

Coaches  are very enthusiastic and love the game. They are all volunteers and most have children playing on our teams. Coaches have played before at various levels, attend conventions/clinics, and have certifications up to Level 2 US Lacrosse Coaching Certification. All our coaches have the same goals for the girls; fun, safety, sportsmanship, skill development, personal responsibility, and long term involvement.

Girls will leave the KYS program able to play the game and taught how to play it right. Most girls end up sticking with it into high school. If girls come to practice, they will play in games. Parent participation is very welcome.


Girls Elementary School Lacrosse:

  • (K-4th grade) $200 per season. Practices will be held at Lakeshore Park. Some games may be held nearby in other parks.
  • Spring: March-Early May.
  • Fall: The fall season begins in September and runs through October.
  • Each season includes 10+ practices and fun games inter-squad and against other clubs.


  • Stick: (be sure it's specifically a girl’s version which is quite different from boys). Please reach out to us before buying one and we will be happy to guide you to the right stick for your little one, often for less.
  • Goggles or Sports Glasses: to protect eyes, MUST be SEI certified ASTM F3077 (it will say it on the goggles). Women’s helmets are an option for girls now instead of goggles. Cascade and Hummingbird are the only approved providers.
  • Mouth Guard (must be colored, not clear, any color will do).
    Cleats. Optional but recommended: There are Lacrosse cleats but soccer cleats are fine and that’s what most girls wear.
  • Gloves: Optional and not protective: very few girls wear them outside of cold weather protection.
    Gloves are optional and not protective (more for cold weather—most girls prefer not to wear them). We have some loaner gear for new girls to borrow to start/try it out except for mouthpieces.