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Thunder & Lightning Policy

In accordance with recommended City of Knoxville and the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration safety precautions, and more importantly for the safety of the children who play at KYS, in 2012, we adopted the following lightning & thunder policy for Lakeshore Park.

1) Upon hearing thunder, and/or seeing lightning, all players, fans, coaches, umpires and scorekeepers must pack up all equipment and leave the fields, either going to a car, or to the KYS office building in Cedar Cottage.
2) The TVA concession stand is not a safe option.
3) Coaches need to come to the KYS office building.
4) There will be a 30 minute waiting period following the last occasion of thunder and/or lightning before returning to the park.
5) Coaches will be notified (at the KYS office) if and when play will resume.
6) Coaches will be responsible for notifying their families about game status. 
7) Having cell phone contact numbers is imperative.
8) KYS will continue to post phone and email messages if there are cancellations.
9) No one will be allowed to enter the park until the delay has been lifted.
10) Families arriving for a later game need to stay in their cars.
11) Coaches arriving for a later game need to come to the KYS office.

Thank you for helping to assure that KYS is the safest possible place  for our children to participate in youth sports. ---The KYS Staff

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